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Update (2020-01-01) - Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from everyone here at MTMG. No one would have expected 22 years ago that the game would last for so many decades but here we are, rolling into a new one.

We hope everyone had a good holiday and we wish you good fortune in the upcoming year.
Update (2019-09-27) - Further attempts to fix the upload issues

Today we've tried a few workarounds to see whether we can once and for all get rid of the upload problems. Or at the very least, stop the issue from blocking anyone else from uploading.
Update (2019-01-19) - Persistent upload issues

We have noticed some of you still have occasional upload issues. We are unable to replicate the problem on our end so if you would hop on over to the forum we'd love your help to find a permanent solution to this ongoing issue.
Update (2018-12-25) - Merry Christmas

This is the season to be jolly. Have a blessed Christmas from everyone here at MTMG.
Update (2018-09-30) - Uploading issues resolved

We are fairly certain the issues with the uploading have been permanently fixed. We will continue to monitor the situation.

Apologies for the past months of inconsistencies.

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